We do accept rush orders. We can produce rush orders in under 72 hours depending on what it is needed to be done. We offer over 8 in house services and over 700,000 products from over 4,000 manufacturers, so we would need to check stock etc. to make sure we can meet the deadline for your order.

We do not charge a rush fee, but in order to meet certain deadlines with certain products you may have to pay enhanced shipping cost to get it in faster and on time.

Standard Lead Times:
Screen Print – 12 business days
Embroidery – 12 business days
Sublimation – 12 business days
Laser – 12 business days
Rhinestones – 12 business days
Graphic Design – 12 business days
Vinyl – 12 business days
Promotional Products – 12 business days or less, some specialty items like lapel pins, etc. take up to 5 weeks due to being die-cast.

Customer’s have up to 72 hours to add on to their order. After 72 hours then a new order need’s to be written up and may not be done at the same time as your original order.

If your order requires screen printing. We must know as soon as possible so we can hold your screens, so you do not incur a second set up fee.

If you want to change your product on your order you may do so if it is not already with our production team being customized. If we have already ordered the product for your original order that you signed off on. You will be billed for the restocking fee and shipping of the product back to the manufacturer.

We provide samples as needed per order. If we provide an apparel sample for an order for sizing. We must have it back when the order is placed. If you do not return it it will be billed to your order.

Our company will not print a Trademarked logo unless you have permission from the company or owner to do so. We accept written letter’s or emails from the company that owns the trademark.

We do not print anything that has a Copyright unless you have permission from the company or owner to do so. We except written letter’s or emails from the company that owns the copyrights.

If you are a police officer or fireman and you want your department logo on something we require that you get the chief or assistant chief to email us or write us stating it is okay that you order from us. This rule is in place to protect your department.

We ship using either UPS, FEDEX, and USPS all over the world. Any shipping cost will be billed on your order. You will be made aware of these charges before they happen.

We deliver in our local area as needed depending on what our delivery schedule is like. If this is something you need done please speak to you customer service rep at the time of your order.

Apparel: Our apparel is warrantied by the manufacturer for up to one year against manufacturer defects. If you find something that is a manufacturer defect. Bring it in or ship it to us to look at. If we determine it is a manufacturer defect and we can not fix it in house. We order you a replacement.

Promotional Item: If something is wrong please send us a photo or stop in so we can look it. If something is a manufacturer defect. We can turn it in and get it taken care of for you.

When you are placing an order with us we will create all art work at no charge. We own all rights to any and all art work that A&P Master Image’s creates for any and all of your orders.

If you supply art work you own the version/ file you supplied. If we have to recreate or alter anything from the original supplied. A&P Master Image’s owns the version/ file we created.

Are you needing art work done or want to own art work we have created? Yes, we will sell you the files. When you purchase art work from us our company gives you the vector file created with a jpeg, and pdf. We also back the art work up on our server to keep on file for you in case you need it again. Call or email your customer service rep for further info.