Online Stores

How does setting up an online store work?

  • We meet with you first to get you a quote for each item in your store.
  • Once you approve. A designer will work on your store one to three days before your due date to be completed.
  • Once you approve the store it goes live.

Online Store Services:

  • Embroidery
  • Sublimation
  • 2d/3d Laser Engraving
  • Direct to Film printing (Simulates Screen Printing)
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Seamstress
  • Fulfillment


  • Call 315-793-1934 to talk to a customer service rep.
  • Fill out the quote form.
  • Stop into our showroom and meet one on one with a customer service rep.
  • If you have a design and/or items you are interested in, be sure to send it to your rep. Make them aware and it will help them speed up setting up your online store.

Other Information:

  • You can choose to earn a profit or not per item.
  • If your store earns a profit we send checks out once a month that earn $50 or more that month.
  • Product can be added and taken down throughout the year.
  • Stores can be open and shut down as needed.
  • Countdown clocks can be added to the store to remind people to order sooner than later.
  • Site will not let your customer order something if it is out of stock.
  • You can offer digital gift certificates.
  • Stores can be created to take orders and we bill your company after if needed.
  • If customers want something in the store that is not shown we contact you for approval.
  • Normal production time for an online store order is 5 to 7 business days.
  • Offer in store pick up 6 days a week, delivery services, and shipping options.
  • We handle all credit card fees.
  • Customers contact us for any questions or concerns and we take care of them.
  • Mold the site to your needs and help guide you to create a successful online store.
  • Can design one off items to sell in your store and take the item off when done.
  • Yes, we have fulfillment pack out options as well. Ask customer service.
  • If something is not listed on here. Ask customer service if we can make it possible.